Programme Rotary Institute Nuremberg
21. to 23. Sept. 2018

Friday, 21. September

Welcome and Opening
14.00 - 15.30

  • Introduction Peter Iblher, Francesco Arezzo, Welcome Major of City of Nuremberg
  • Opening RI President Elect Mark Maloney
  • Peace – the cornerstone of a vibrant future, Steve Killelea, Founder and Executive Chairman of Institute for Economics and Peace, Sydney, The Hague, New York
  • Interview with students with special needs from the Rummelsberger Diakonie, Wichernhaus Altdorf


Plenary Session 1
16.00 – 18.00
Humanitarian Service of Rotary

  • A holistic humanitarian Project in Rarieda, Kenia, Michael Finkler, Project Leader, District D-1860
  • Digital Integration - from chaos to co-creation, Anne Kjaer Riechert, Redi-School, Berlin
  • How efficient is Rotary using its resources? Livestream - Interview with largest independent Assessment Organisation for Charities, Sara Nason, Charity Navigator, USA
  • Robotics and machine intelligence: potential, current limits and perspectives, Sami Haddadin, Technical University Munich, with demonstration of a service robot
  • Discussion

Saturday, 22. September

Plenary Session 2
9.00 - 11.00
Digital Dividends – Better Projects with digital processes? Part 1

  • Digital revolution in economy and society, Dieter Kempf, President, Federation of German Industries
  • How digital methods ensure the success of the Polio Programme, Ondrej Mach, Global Polio Eradication Initiative, World Health Organisation, Geneva
  • Digital geographic data in use by doctors without Borders, Edith Rogenhofer, Medecins sans Frontiers, Vienna section
  • Geo-enabling for Remote Supervision of Development Interventions in Conflict Areas: Getting Eyes on the Ground, where we cannot have Boots on the Ground, Bernhard Metz, World Bank, Washington DC, USA
  • Promotion of digital projects in development aid; Kathrin Bornemann, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation, Berlin
  • Discussion

11.30 - 13.00
Digital Dividends – Better Projects with digital processes? Part 2

  • Digital health – how killer applications will save lives in healthcare´s future,
  • Markus Müschenich, CEO Flying Health, RC Berlin – Lilienthal
  • Rotarian applications of drones to combat deforestation, Jean Marie Poinsard, RC Melun, France
  • Demonstration of drone to plant trees, BioCarbon Engineering, USA
  • Artificial legs for child amputees in third world war regions, (Demonstration of 3D-Printer), Freimut Bodendorf, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg,
  • Virtual reality assisting humanitarian action, Rotary International
  • Discussion

Saturday, 22. September

Plenary Session 3
14.00 - 15.30
Potential for new Membership and promotion of young talents

  • Rotary membership in the 21st Century – long term viability of our organization, Eric Schmautz, Co-Chair, RI presidential Advisory Group for young Rotarian leaders, RC San Francisco
  • Networking 2025, smart Rotary, advantages for members, Jan Mittelstaedt, District Governor Elect, D-1930, RC Konstanz- Mainau
  • 14.40-15.30 workshops to discuss the above two presentations on membership potential and new forms of communication


Workshops:  „Why did I join Rotary"
16.00 - 17.15

Why did I join Rotary and why am I still a Rotarian?

4- 6 young Rotarians report, how they found their way to Rotary and why they considered the membership of Rotary attractive (and still do so).


Workshops: Role of Assistant District Governors (ADG) in Diversification and Rejuvenation of Clubs
16.00 - 17.15

Expectations, practical experiences, recommendations, 4-6 ADGs with short statements and discussion


  • Why did I join Rotary and why am I still a Rotarian?
  • 4- 6 young Rotarians report, how they found their way to Rotary and why they considered the membership of Rotary attractive (and still do so)

Sunday, 23. September

Plenary session 4
9.30 - 11.00
Motivation und Communication

  • Digital communication: getting closer to Rotary beneficiaries with artificial intelligence, with demonstration of prototypes, Tanguy Chassé, RC Lyon- Passerelle Ampére, France
  • Rotary needs both: analogue and digital communication in the right mix, Judith Lauber, RC Luzern-Heidegg
  • The significance of motivation and communication in the training of Rotarian executives, Per Hoyen, Trustee and Past Director, RC Aarup, Denmark
  • Discussion

Plenary Session 5
11.30 - 13.00
Final Session

  • Reports from discussions and workshops
  • RI financial report and forecast
  • Current Objectives of The Rotary Foundation, John Germ, Past Rotary International President and Trustee Representative
  • Forum for questions to RI President and RI Directors
  • Promotion RI Conventions and upcoming Rotary Institute Sicily
  • Final Remarks

Sunday, 23. September

CoL Seminar - Conducted by Klaus Schredelseker

14.00 - 17.00

  • Strategic proposals/submissions to CoL
  • Training of Delegates