Digitalization in Humanitarian Service

Thank you very much for being our guests in Nuremberg.

The digitalization of economy and society proceeds with giant strides. It radically changes all occupations and private living circumstances. Where do we stand in Rotary in the matter of digitization? How effective are new digital procedures for the implementation of our humanitarian services in education, medicine, regional development? Do our projects thereby become more demand oriented and sustainable? Where do we already work with such methods?

The Rotary institute in Nuremberg aims to show exemplary new digital methods and how to utilize the current experiences in humanitarian projects by Rotarians of our continent.

We welcome them in a town which from the Middle Ages till today was decisively involved in epoch-making innovations, the development of new trade routes and the mediation of art and life style. Conscious of its traditional values and customary culture it forms the centre of a metropolitan region in which the digital changes are inserted into a pulsating overall development by an innovative business and science.


Dr. Peter Iblher Dr. Peter Iblher
 RI Director









Venue: NCC West

NürnbergMesse Convention Center West
Münchener Straße / Messezentrum 1
90471 Nürnberg